Right after the origin story I’ve made 3 more stories.

The second comic told how the professor Z, after escaping prison, became the fearsome Anteater.

The third comic showed the first time Fireant clashed against Anteater. It also showed the hero rescuing his beloved girlfriend Rebecca, who was in danger.

The fourth and final story was set some time after those events, and it started by showing how Fireant was fighting crime in a daily basis. The story then escalated to an extraterrestrial invasion that was stopped by Fireant alone. At the end, the invading fleet was diverted from Earth, leaving behind his leader, the Dark Conqueror, who swore revenge against Fireant.

I admit my drawing were not so good at the time, and I had to practice a lot using every mean available. Without internet to research, the only people I knew to like comic books were my brother, the neighbor I mentioned before and his brothers and cousins.

We exchanged ideas on how to draw our characters and even about how to create stories. In the end I improved my style by copying my favorite artists.

Yes, I copied scenes, poses, scenarios and so on from the comics we had in hand. My neighbor used to copy his stuff from Marvel comics, while I copied mine from DC comics.

The result? Below you can see two pages from the second Fireant story, side by side with their references. Most of the times I copied few frames from different comics, some other times I managed to copy whole sequences, even whole pages.

On page 5 from the second story, I copied 3 frames from Adventures of Superman #432.

Fireant #2, page 5, frame 1Fireant #2, page 5, frame 2Fireant #2, page 5, frame 3

On page 12, the copy went even further. It was a whole page from Superman #9.

Fireant #2, page 12