Back in 1989 I had a neighbor who drew  his own comics too. He drew way better than myself.

I showed him my sketches and the first Fireant comics. That was when I made my mind to create a new story for the insect hero. The heroes created by that neighbor were all humans (not anthropomorphic things like my characters) and I found them so cool. Because of that I decided the Fireant could not be an ant that becomes a person, but the opposite.

With no clue of what I was doing, I dug into my comic book collection and found a comic to use as inspiration. It was the origin story of a DC Comics character I liked at the time: Firestorm.

Firestorm #1

I recovered 2 pages from that story. You can see them below. I fixed the text because it was a mess.

The story begun with Fireant right after he acquired his powers, and was told in a big flashback (almost like the Firestorm origin story).

His name was Robert, a 15 year old kid that was kidnapped during a bank robbery and took into a hidden lab. In the way to the lab, the criminals are tailed by the police, but they manage to destroy the police car and escape.

When they finally get to the hidden lab, we were introduced to the mysterious professor Z, who used the kid in a bizarre experiment to grant him amazing powers.

The kidnappers were apparently eliminated by the professor right before the experiment took place. They left the lab in a car, but the car was rigged with explosives and it was blown up as soon as it left the garage.

Something wrong happened with the experiment and a big blast followed, bringing the lab to the ground.

The professor escaped in time, only to be captured by the newly created Fireant. Resigned, the professor confessed being the mastermind of several burglaries and was arrested.

Robert went back home and only then saw his reflected image on a window (and that was exactly how it happened in the Firestorm story).

Desperate, the boy ends up transforming back into his human form.

And that was Fireant origin story.