Solar was not a scientist, but indeed a rocket pilot in a mission around the sun. His rocket ship was marked SOLAR I.

After leaving Earth’s atmosphere, a violent energy wave of unknown origin hits the shit, causing its destruction. The pilot from the wrecked rocket ship is picket by the mysterious energy and is granted with incredible solar powers. He comes back to Earth flying by himself and becomes a super hero.

Not much time after that he finds the Glacier, an opponent with opposite powers.

Solar is by far the most powerful of those characters. He could survive in space and his stelar fire burned even in the complete vacuum! He could fly and mold his body into any flaming form. Also, since there was no available technology back in 1987 to launch a rocket ship into a manned mission around the sun (well, we still don’t have that kind of technology), it is fair to assume that the hero came from the future.