Ant first appeared in Ant #1 by Arcana Studios, a small independent company, in March 2004. The creator and artist, Mario Gully, states the concept for the character appeared while he was incarcerated in 1996 for attempted armed robbery. He says that one day he was looking through a barred cell window and a tiny ant crawled in from the outside.

After the reasonable success of the first volume, with 4 issues, Ant moved to Image Comics for a second volume. It had an 11 issues run, featuring Spawn and Savage Dragon as co-stars. It then moved to Big City Comics for a third volume that never had all the planned issues published, leaving the story without a resolution.

In 2012, Gully sold Ant to Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon). Larsen hired Gully to draw the story but, after some confusion, the project to finishing volume 2 was dropped… maybe for the best.

Ant has enhanced speed and strenght. Her skin is covered by a red regenerative exoskeleton. Her antennaes give enhanced senses and can be used as deadly weapons. Her story? She is a little girl that dreams she is Ant, then she is a stripper that sprays herself with a red paint and becomes Ant, then… I’m really not sure. In the end I think the point was the sexploitation of the curvilineous character that actually looked to be a naked woman painted in red. Most of the covers for Ant titles would make Manara’s Spider Woman look like a coy girl.