On January 7th, 2015, a group of armed men attacked the offices of the french magazine Charlie Hebdo. They killed 12 people, amongst them 4 cartoonists and 1 police officer.

Who did they draw?

Update: January 9th, 2015.
A huge manhunt happens on France (more than 80,000 agents). The 2 gunmen responsible for the attacks are tracked and cornered inside a printing plant in Dammartin-en-Goele. The police managed to save the hostage and the criminals were killed.
Almost at the same time, a hostage situation developed in a kosher market in Paris. The 3rd gunman was also killed by the police agents, but not before he could kill at least 4 hostages.

Mispelled hashtag

January 11th, 2015.
Rallies across France gather around 4 million people on the streets. Around 40 world leaders joined and marched side by side on the streets of Paris. Other manifestations were reported all over the world.

The phrase “Je suis Charlie” appeared massively everywhere as an expression of solidarity to the victims. It rapidly become the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie in social media.

#JeSuisAhmed followed, refering to the police agent Ahmed Merabet, himself a muslin killed by the extremists.

In the middle of all that #JesusIsCharlie appeared. I’m not certain if it is a simple spelling error or a deliberate joke.