It was 1987 when I drew the Fireant for the first time. Back then he was not called Fireant (neither did I spoke English, of course). His original name was Formigui, which sounds like “formiga” (ant) or “formiguinha” (little ant). He was the leader of a group of super heroes. All characters were created by my little brother. I remember a piece of paper containing all heroes and villains, some of them I never used. I’ve chose 7 heroes and drew origin stories for them, where they first faced their archenemies. After all origins there was a story about the gathering of those heroes. Fireant contacted his fellows heroes by mail, and formed a super group (which name I, unfortunately, can’t remember) to fight all evil. I can’t recall whether the idea for the origin stories came from me or from my brother. Maybe it came out of a chat we had. Anyway, they all looked like they were written by an 11 years old boy, my age at that time.